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Qua bài viết SHOES IDIOMS, HP Academy mong rằng mọi người sẽ có thể bổ sung thêm các câu Idioms hay và đa dạng để đạt được band điểm mục tiêu mong muốn bạn nhé.


1.     Shake in one’s shoes: to be very frightened or nervous

Eg: “I shook in my shoes when I did the presentation”

2.     As comfortable as an old shoe: very comfortable, very familiar

Eg: “I felt as comfortable as an old shoe when I entered my aunt’s house.”

3.     As common as an old shoe: low class, badly mannered

Eg: “The young woman is as common as an old shoe.”

4.     Down-at-the-heels: to be shabby, to be poorly dressed

Eg: “The man looked down-at-the-heels after he was fired from his job.”

 5.     Fill somebody’s shoe: to take the place of someone else and do as well as he or she would do

Eg: “It will be difficult for the woman to fill the shoes of previous supervisor.”

 6.     Put yourself in sb’s shoes: in another person’s place or position

Eg: “You would not like to be in my cousin’s shoes now that he has lost his job.”

 7.     The shoe is on the other foot: places are changed

Eg: “For a long time my friend laughed at my problems at work. Now the shoe is on the other foot and he also has serious problems.”

 8.     Die with one’s boots on: sinh nghề tử nghiệp

Eg: “The man worked hard all his life and died with his boots on when he had a heart attack at the factory.”

9.     Get along on a shoestring: to manage with very little money

Eg: “I had to get along on a shoestring during university.”

10.    Step into (someone’s) shoes: to take over a job or other role from someone

Eg: “I will have to step in my supervisor’s shoes while he is away on vacation.”


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