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Vì idioms là “cấm địa” đối với IELTS Writing task 2 (rất dễ sử dụng sai, không tự nhiên), nên Collocation được xem là cứu cánh. Dưới đây là 20 Collocation hữu dụng và các ví dụ đi kèm:


1-To play/have a(n) important/key/vital/crucial role in (doing) sth:  đóng vai trò quan trọng trong việc...

§  Advancements in social networks have played a vital role in making people closer.


2-To make significant/substantial/valuable/ great/outstanding contribution to sth: góp phần đáng kể vào...

§  International assistance has made a significant contribution to the implementation of the rights of women in Africa.


3-To solve the problem: giải quyết vấn đề

§  We must solve this problem before it gets worse.


4-To be key factors influencing something: là nhân tố chủ chốt ảnh hưởng việc gì

§  The easy access of addictive drugs is the key factors influencing drug addiction.


5-To reap the benefits (of sth) – gain benefit from something/ make the most of something: có được lợi ích từ...

§  During wartime, the US reaped the benefits of providing weapons for the belligerent countries.


6- To be a contributing factor:  to be one of the main causes of sth: là yếu tố góp phần vào...

§  Poverty has been a contributing factor to the increasing child malnutrition in underdeveloped societies.


7-To contribute to sth: góp phần vào...

§  Downgraded roads contribute to the flooded condition of several areas in Vietnam during rainy season.


8-To gain/derive benefit (from sth): có lợi từ...

§  University students derive a great deal of benefits from attending extracurricular activities.


9-To have a right to do sth = to be entitled to do sth: được quyền/ đủ tư cách

§  Employees who work overtime will be entitled to extra pay.


10-To benefit greatly/enormously/considerably … from sth: được lợi đáng kể

§  That company has benefited greatly from its innovative sales strategies.


11-To have/enjoy/achieve a huge/great success in doing sth: đạt được thành công to lớn trong việc...

§  Walt Disney has achieved a great success in making cartoons and live-action movies.


12- To launch a full-scale investigation into sth: tiến hành điều tra toàn diện vào việc gì

§  The government launched a full-scale investigation into the financial records of ABC company last month.


13- To meet the need of/demand: đáp ứng nhu cầu

§  In order to meet the increasing need of social welfare, British Parliament decided to raise the tax rate.


14-To fulfill a role/duty/function/ an aim/a goal/an objective/dream/ambition/hope: hoàn thành lời hứa/ vai trò/ nghĩa vụ/ mục tiêu/ hi vọng...

§  Having such a high-paid salary has fulfilled his lifelong dream.


15-To fulfill a requirement/condition/obligation: hoàn thành nghĩa vụ

§  All the Korean male citizens must fulfill their military obligation when they reach a certain age.


16-To fulfill a promise/pledge = to keep a promise: giữ lời/ hoàn thành lời hứa

§  He fulfilled his promise to get flying colors in the final exams.


17-To satisfy sb’s needs/demands/desires/requirements: thỏa mãn nhu cầu

§  Facebook constantly updates its app in order to satisfy public demands.


18-To have/gain knowledge/understanding of sth:  đạt được kiến thức/ hiểu biết về...

§  She spent the whole weekend reading several books to gain knowledge of women liberation in the US.


19- To have/make common cause (with/against): đoàn kết/ chống lại

§  The rebel parties made common cause with one another to overthrow the regime.


20- To cause somebody to do something: khiến ai đó làm gì

§  The soft music caused us to fall asleep.




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